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Friday, April 11, 2014

alameda point antiques faire

after more than two years of traveling to san francisco on a very regular basis, i was finally there at the time of the alameda point antiques faire. this renowned northern california flea takes place on the first sunday of every month. the weather was gorgeous, the company was lovely and the shopping was enticing. i vowed to come back soon.

Monday, March 24, 2014

art in bloom - antique rugs by peter papp

last week i visited "art in bloom" at the kentshire galleries on madison avenue, an exhibit and sale of 100 antique rugs and textiles curated by san francisco-based dealer peter papp. the stunning tribal pieces included saddle covers, mats, an ikat robe and many gorgeous prayer rugs. the show runs through march 30.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Bungee Band Bracelets & More

i am so excited to announce the publication of "bungee band bracelets & more", a booklet i produced, photographed and wrote for the taunton press. the publication date is april 1 (no joke), and it is already available for pre-sale on amazon. i loved exploring the craft possibilities for this fun material, here are some examples of the projects you'll see in the booklet:

Sunday, March 9, 2014

the efteling

i am long overdue with this post about our visit to the efteling in the netherlands at the end of last year. this marked my return to this magical place, after a 40-year hiatus. yes, you read that right, my last visit was as a five-year old. the efteling's slogan is "sprookjes bestaan", which translates as "fairy tales do exist". not only do they exist, they can be the stuff of nightmares too. my husband described this place as disney-with-a-dark-side and that observation is right on the money. devoid of the usual cartoon characters, the efteling recreates settings from the traditional tales by the brothers grimm and hans christian andersen, including some of the more obscure ones. it all makes for a fascinating time, the place is gorgeously designed, complete with its own museum and actual fairy tale forest - which got really creepy after dark, especially when we could not find the exit. good times!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

chanel hair

the fall-winter 2014 chanel fashion show that took place earlier this week was a little wackadoo: the setting was a pretend supermarket, complete with chanel-branded groceries, shopping baskets and trolleys. was it a celebration of logo-culture and consumerism, or a brilliantly executed satire? i don't know, but i do know one thing: i loved-loved-loved the hair. it was a crafty, witty, colorful take on drop-out dreads. maybe captain jack (or should that be keith richards) inspired the colorful crimped ponytails with clip-in braids and of course strips of chanel tweed? sam mcknight was the genius behind these creative hairstyles, well done!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

shelter island

louise and i spent the last few days taking pictures on shelter island for my first book (more on that later...). we were guests at the gorgeous 19th century farmhouse renovated and decorated by owners james mohn, talented architect, and keith recker, author, blogger, editor/founder of hand-eye magazine and all-round renaissance man. it is a magical abode, flooded with light and filled with contemporary art, antique turkish rugs and ceramic collections. even the garden, dormant for now, was gloriously basking in the winter sun.
thank you keith, james and katherine for a much-needed break from city life!

Friday, January 10, 2014

much loved

i just came across mark nixon's book "much loved" (harry n. abrams, 2013). mark is an irish photographer and this book showcases his teddybear portraits, all in varying stages of decay, wear and tear. intriguing, touching, and sometimes a tad disturbing, these images evoke many thoughts and feelings around innocence, childhood, friendship and play. gorgeous.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

plantin-moretus museum

last week in antwerp, we visited one of my favorite belgian musea: the plantin-moretus museum, honoring the famous printers christophe plantin and jan moretus, and located at their residence and printing establishment on the friday market. the museum was named a unesco world heritage site in 2005, and deservedly so. it houses an extraordinary collection of printed material, including a gutenberg bible, as well as the two oldest surviving printing presses in the world. all this in a gorgeous house with richly decorated interiors, some with amazing gold-embossed leather wallcovering. but really, my most profound impression of the museum is sensory: the scent of old books, leather bindings, ink, beeswax and woodsmoke is utterly captivating.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

happy birthday dear academie

my alma mater - the royal academy of fine arts in antwerp, belgium - celebrates its 350th birthday. lots of events and exhibits mark this occasion, including one showcasing the work by the students - past and present - of its famed fashion department, of which I am a proud graduate. here's an instagram report.