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Friday, October 6, 2017

p.e. guerin

this is why i love new york. just when i think i've gotten to know this city and seen just about everything she has to offer, i get surprised in the most delightful way. today, i took a tour of the p.e. guerin foundry in the heart of the west village, coincidentally blocks from my very first nyc apartment. p.e. guerin is the oldest decorative hardware company in the usa - they are celebrating their 160th anniversary this year - and the only metal foundry in the city, located in a four-story building on jane street, which houses their offices, archives and showroom, as well as a factory where virtually any custom request can be produced. fine jewelry for the home is the best way to describe their exquisite hardware pieces. a tremendous amount of skill, craftsmanship, patience and time goes into making their beautiful products. i will let the pictures do the talking...