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Saturday, August 11, 2012

weird medical paraphernalia

this is why i love flea markets: you come across the strangest stuff. medical pamphlets and posters from days gone by are fascinating, sometimes gross, and often hilarious. a good example is this distinguished gentleman, instructing where to place the tourniquet "if bitten by a mad dog or poisonous reptile". the second image is a detail shot of an absolutely gorgeous framed print entitled "original reproduction of normal and abnormal fund" by william a. fisher, m.d.
basically, it is an illustration of various eye-diseases (very appropriate for me, as i have lousy eyesight). aside from its bizarre subject matter, the print is graphically amazing, to me a real work of art.


i picked up this sequined disco-era batwing top a few weeks ago at the flea. sadly, it does not fit me well, but for $5 it is a bargain as I can recycle the beads and matte gold sequins. i just wanted to take some pictures before I start taking it apart.