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Thursday, November 17, 2011

more bugs

after fred, i was on a roll. i still looked at entomology books for inspiration, but then veered widely off course and came up with some entirely new species. so much more fun than following the rules.

Friday, November 11, 2011


actually no. this dress was another vintage find from the catskills. this one falls squarely into the category "so bad, it's good". the pattern is somewhere between blown-up fingerprints, tiger stripes & graphic woodgrain, the colors are a tonal offering of deep ochre, violent green and - let's call it what it is - poopoo brown. fascinating...


i wouldn't have have pegged myself as a pastel girl, but this iridescent sequin trim is beyond cool. maybe it's all the candy i have consumed lately, but i can't get enough of these sickly sweet colors.

pottery beads

when i saw these at last sunday's flea market, i had to have them. they're such an interesting blend of folk, craft & color, in a very macrame do-it-yourself kinda way. some of the beads have chinese writing, others have a distinct delft pottery look and there are some artsy 1970's glazes as well. i can't wait to wear these....


i find most bracelets hard to wear for daily life because they move around so much and inhibit your movements - nothing worse than bracelets clattering against your keyboard while you're trying to work.... the answer is the fitted cuff of course: it stays in place, makes a much more dramatic statement, and even keeps your wrists warm. the added bonus is that this one was made from my husband's pant legs when he decided to convert them from jeans to shorts. i waste nothing!