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Friday, January 10, 2014

much loved

i just came across mark nixon's book "much loved" (harry n. abrams, 2013). mark is an irish photographer and this book showcases his teddybear portraits, all in varying stages of decay, wear and tear. intriguing, touching, and sometimes a tad disturbing, these images evoke many thoughts and feelings around innocence, childhood, friendship and play. gorgeous.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

plantin-moretus museum

last week in antwerp, we visited one of my favorite belgian musea: the plantin-moretus museum, honoring the famous printers christophe plantin and jan moretus, and located at their residence and printing establishment on the friday market. the museum was named a unesco world heritage site in 2005, and deservedly so. it houses an extraordinary collection of printed material, including a gutenberg bible, as well as the two oldest surviving printing presses in the world. all this in a gorgeous house with richly decorated interiors, some with amazing gold-embossed leather wallcovering. but really, my most profound impression of the museum is sensory: the scent of old books, leather bindings, ink, beeswax and woodsmoke is utterly captivating.