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Saturday, September 24, 2011

girl scout beads

found in an antique barn in vermont: a big bag of 1940's wooden girl scout beads. i restrung them as the original lanyard was falling apart, hoping to achieve a marni look. love their jewelry.

diy #5

first seen in a martha stewart article: braiding fabric strips to turn them into necklaces. ripping the strips gives a raw, fraying braid, thicker strips make for really chunky stiff braids and thin satin ribbon makes a really skinny braid. this last one took forever to make... i tied on some off beat charms & figurines as well. looks best when several braids are layered together.

doll heads

slightly weird, these doll head beads that were meant to be turned into full-fledged dolls. i turned them into a necklace instead, tying loose bits of ribbon randomly between the beads, for extra texture.


a new way to look at accessories: wearing belts as necklaces. just wrap them around your neck twice, works best with decorative or skinny belts.


last weekend's score from a trip to sullivan county (happy 40th allison!). not only did we see lots of deer (and 2 bald eagles), i bought these 2 awesome candle sticks, they made me start planning thanksgiving dinner already.

green rabbit

louise and i spotted this green rabbit fur scarf at the same time at a yard sale, so we decided to buy it "together" and share it. i have a feeling this will happen more and more. meanwhile ozzy proves that fur is not just for girls.


a favorite find from olive's vintage on court street in brooklyn: a belt buckle in the shape of 2 clasping hands. i have always had a soft spot for the surreal fashion accessories of elsa schiaparelli, and this is very much in the same vein.


a $2 purchase at the elephant's trunk flea: a sequin collar/bib that I wear as a necklace. the nice thing about is that the sequins have acquired a gorgeous dusty oxidized patina. priceless.

toilet seats?

i was very excited with this $4 yard sale purchase; an extra long costume necklace with oversize oval ivory resin links with rhinestone details. that is, until louise pointed out it made her think of toilet seats...

Monday, September 5, 2011


fred was born on august 28, 2011 while we were sitting out hurricane irene on block island. he is made from fabric scraps, wire, sequins & beads. he is filled with rice which gives him a nice weight - and it was the only thing i had in the kitchen that would serve the purpose. fred is inspired by the book "an inordinate fondness for beetles" by evans & bellamy (henry holt), i highly recommend it.