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Saturday, January 26, 2013

bib necklace

it's time to bring some bling to this dreary weather: gather a bunch of decorative stuff that is more or less in the same color family: chains, buttons, pendants, earrings that have lost their mate, sequins, rhinestones..... cut two pieces of fabric (a heavier ground works best) in a u-shape and stitch them together with the machine, right side out, leave the edges to fray. hand sew a piece of ribbon to either end, this will be the closure. then comes the fun part: attach all your stray bits & pieces with a glue gun, leaving no area uncovered. more is more!
this really works best when you limit yourself to a color or theme: i have made versions that are all-black mixed media, all mother of pearl buttons, i even made a stone version with small pebbles... you can also experiment with the width & shape of the bib, make it pointy in front, or make it more like a collar that wraps all around. experiment!

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