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Monday, January 21, 2013


I made these out of the much beloved striped t-shirts, now too small for my kids to wear. Cut
both front and back of t-shirt into equal length quarter inch wide strips, by following the "grain" of the jersey fabric (so cut from top to bottom, not from left to right). Gather all strips and fold over through the loop of the keychain hardware. Tie underneath with an extra fabric strip & make sure to double knot. Give your tassel a "haircut" to make sure all the strips are a similar length. There are so many fun uses for these:
- keychains
- attach to backpacks & purses
- turn into curtain tie-backs
- adorn roman shade pull cords
- identify suitcases
- wear one as a necklace
- border scarves with a bunch of small tassels

The second tassel was made with tiny strips of silk. The fraying is part of the undone look, embrace it! The third tassel was dip-dyed.

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