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Saturday, March 9, 2013

spool knitting

when my grandmother passed away last summer, i was given her sewing and knitting supplies, which i treasure greatly. among them was this little guy, he brought me right back to my childhood. it's a spool knitter, we called this "punniken" in my native flemish. i spent hours doing this as a child, making enough knitted rope to sew into placemats, toys, what have you. check out the spool-knitted rug below from "make it yourself - the complete step-by-step library of needlework and crafts" volume 3, published by columbia house in 1973. usually the spool knitters come in a mushroom shape, more recent additions in my collection also include a bee.

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  1. Hi Vera! I am an Aussie and I have just found your blog. Love your knitting spool, I have some just like him in my collection. My blog is - - and I also moderate two groups - one on Yahoo and one on Flickr, you will find the links on the blog. Maybe I will see you there, cheers, Marian aka Maz