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Monday, April 29, 2013

celestial maps

i have been decorating lately. the family summer rental in block island needed refreshing, on a budget though. so i have been trolling the internet for affordable furnishings - i am now a loyal customer. to keep things simple, i stuck to a mostly black and white palette. when i started thinking about wall art, it occurred to me that a celestial theme might be appropriate. i love the clean graphics and neutral colors of star maps. also, there is no better place on earth for stargazing than block island - as it is in the middle of the ocean, there is little to no light pollution. i found some great vintage national geographic celestial maps from the early seventies on ebay. the best score though was a little booklet called "star maps for beginners" (published in 1942 by i.m. levitt and roy k. marshall). i paid $3.75 for it and will cut out all 12 maps in the booklet, insert them in simple ikea frames and hang them in a grid above the sofa. stay tuned to see how this will turn out....

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