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Sunday, April 7, 2013

el anatsui at the brooklyn museum

run, don't walk, to the el anatsui exhibit at the brooklyn museum - through august 4, 2013. this is the first solo exhibition in a new york museum by this renowned artist. the showstoppers are twelve monumental wall hangings made from bottle caps. other than the obvious comment on sustainability and the clear assertion of el anatsui as an important contemporary african artist, the works are simply of a staggering breath-taking beauty: the pieces look as if made from gold and silver, truly magical cloths draped in the most dramatic fashion.... words cannot do this justice. here's an instagram impression.


  1. found my way here via HandEye

    so pleased i did!

  2. Took the same route to get here as India. I've got to see this exhibition now. Thank you for posting such great photos.

  3. Any time! Let me know what you think of the exhibit.