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Thursday, May 16, 2013

brooklyn general store

it is a sad fact that stores selling yarn, fabric and notions are hard to find these days. for a long time, i used to stock up on all these things went i went back to belgium. so imagine my delight at being in close proximity to one of the best "dry goods"places in brooklyn: the brooklyn general store. it is located on union street at the north end of red hook, on what used to be a thriving shopping block for all types of foods and goods. brooklyn general's home within old frank's department store is a throwback/hommage to that era. the vintage interior is not reproduced, just uncovered, cleaned and painted. brooklyn general store was created in an effort to provide the best quality materials to a thriving community of artists and craftspeople, and to promote making things by hand through inspiration and education - check out their listing of classes online. i find myself making up any excuse to soak up the atmosphere in this magical place.

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