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Thursday, May 9, 2013

the ruffle

you know you are a girl of a certain age when fashion trends have circulated more than once through your wardrobe over time. the ruffle - totally back in style - is one such thing. even though today's trendy ruffle is clean and sculpted - balenciaga did the best versions in reversible black and white - it is with fondness i recall the ruffles of the eighties. as this was also the time i first became aware of fashion, certain images/trends are just etched onto my brain: lady di's iconic wedding dress by david and elizabeth emanuel and the pirate blouses worn by the english new romantics, a musical movement that included bands such as duran duran, adam & the ants and spandau ballet . i subscribed at the time to magazine like blitz, the face and ID and just devoured stories about the london scene featuring the antics of style visionaries such as steve strange and leigh bowery.

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