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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

shoe clips made with t-shirt yarn

dainty and ladylike, shoe clips are a fun but somewhat old-fashioned accessory that needs to be taken our of the bridal realm, and back to the forefront of fashion. the shoe clips below are a witty take on preppy tasseled loafers.

1. per clip: cut four 6” long pieces of t-shirt yarn.
2. fold this bundle of yarns over and tie together with another piece of t-shirt yarn, using a double knot. cut off the ends.
3. thread a hex nut onto each tassel end and make a knot underneath.
4. hand sew the shoe clip to the back of each tassel. done!

after making the tassels, I decided to try my hand at t-shirt yarn bows: cut twelve 3” long pieces of yarn and tie this bundle in the center together with a 10” length of T-shirt yarn, then wrap it over six times, and finally tuck under the end. hand sew the shoe clip to the back of the bow. 

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